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Traveling Around With No Fear – The Great Walls of China

Traveling to Asia as a solo female might seem intimidating and scary to some. But I have always had this passion for travel, and when my wandering spirit  besets me, I pick a country far away and start a new adventure.  China was on my list of places to visit and I got that one checked off my to go list.  But a word of advise, make sure that you start some type of exercise regime if you plan on climbing the great wall….oh my, let me tell you! There were some 80 something year old climbing those walls three steps at a time, while you avid world traveler here, was huffing and puffing..and puffing..you would think I was trying to blow some walls down! On a serious note, this will require a certain level of fitness activity..you were forewarned.

Diana Climbing Great Wall of China
Diana Climbing Great Wall of China


So as you can see I made it yo a way..but there was a section where the steps where so high, I could not climb future, unfortunately my fitness level, or lack thereof, would not allow.

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