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Where Food and Culture Collides! Grilled Lobster

Hellshire Beach – Garlic Grilled Lobster

For those of us born in Jamaica and who have immigrated to another country.  Going back home for vacations and visiting various popular food eatery is a must.  One of those places for me is the popular Hellshire beach, where we go to swim (well most of us, just to eat) the famous fried fish (normally just snapper fish and parrot fish) and festival (this is a Jamaican dish where we mix flour and cornmeal with some sugar and baking powder, knead into a dough and fry).

Hellshire Fish & Festival
Hellshire Fish & Festival


Steamed fish with okra and pumpkin and fried or grilled lobster.  Wash it all down with a cold red stripe beer, ting, or drink of your choice.

Jamaica Steamed Fish, Okra & Crackers
Jamaica Steamed Fish, Okra & Crackers


This has to be experience on the beach in the thatched roof shops lining the beach front.  So next time you visit Jamaica, take a trip to Hellshire Beach…for the food 🙂 You will not be disappointed!

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