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Authentic Japanese Spring Roll

Japanese Spring Roll

In my travels around the world, the one thing I have learned in regards to the country cuisine is that the Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and other countries, restaurant that I go to in the US, the food is NOT the same in the home country.  So here I was in my hotel in Japan, finished my day tour, took a shower and went for dinner.  I saw spring rolls on the menu, I was like yes! I love spring rolls, I always get spring roll for my appetizer back in the US, so why not get it here in Japan.  Look appetizing doesn’t it? Mouth Watering.

Japanese Spring Roll
Japanese Spring Roll


I couldn’t wait to bite in! And I did..and uhhh wait a minute there, waiter? waiter! Why isn’t the spring roll crispy on the outside and fried? Is this cooked? …No? ok, it looks great, but I can’t eat it. Needless to say, do not assume that the dishes you have in restaurants from a country will be the same if you visit that country.  Most restaurants usually modify the dishes to be agreeable to the palate of the country they are in. Bona Petite!

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